Experience a World-Class Exhibition Match Between Top Pros

Experience a World-Class Exhibition Match Between Top Pros

The PJF Pickleball Championships 2024 is not just a tournament but a celebration to spread the joy of pickleball. From inspection, it was important for us to bring top talent to Japan and Asia. We are please to welcome world-class pros like James Ignatowich and Anna Bright to take part in our celebration!

Our Special Pro Events


Experience championship Sunday-level competition in Tokyo for the first time ever outside of the US.


Our open bracket winners (Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, Mixed Doubles) get a chance to compete against the best.


Get hands-on training from top pros.


Look forward to interacting with top pro players through our challenge events!

*Events subject to change

Join Our Clinic Taught by the Best Pros in the World




Join our clinic with Top 5 Players in the World, James Ignatowich and Anna Bright
along with 2 PPA pros assistants!

2 hour class with maximum of 24 players per session
Maximum 1:6 Coach to Player ratio

Available Sessions:

Session 1: Wednesday 12/11 AM
Session 2: Wednesday 12/11 PM
Session 3: Thursday 12/12 PM or Saturday 12/14 PM

*We also accept inquiries separately for private and semi-private arrangements. Please contact us at

Clinic Fees:

$150 + tax / person

Sign Up:

Sign up opening soon…

Please fill out interest form to be notified first when sign ups open.
Clinic slots will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

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James Ignatowich

James Ignatowich, affectionately known as "Big Poppa Jimmy," is a standout professional pickleball player from Delray Beach, Florida. James was a top-ranked high school tennis player in the U.S. and played collegiate tennis at Vanderbilt University. His transition to pickleball began in October 2021, and he has quickly risen to become one of the top players in the sport.

Career Highlights:

  • Top Rankings: James is currently ranked among the top 10 in men's singles and doubles and a top 5 ranked player in the world.

  • Major Titles: He has won multiple PPA gold medals, including victories at the Vulcan Indoor National Championship and PPA Red Rock Open.

  • Media Presence: Known for his acrobatic shots and quick reflexes, James has been featured on ESPN’s Top 10 highlights (Shown below)

Off the Court: James is an active ambassador for the sport, sharing his journey and insights through his Instagram and newsletter.




Anna Bright

Anna Bright is a prominent figure in professional pickleball, celebrated for her agility and strategic prowess. Transitioning from a successful collegiate athletic career, Anna has swiftly made her mark in the pickleball world.

Career Highlights:

  • Top Rankings: Anna is the #2 ranked female player in the world. She was drafted number 3 overall for the 2024 Major League Pickleball Premier Level Draft.

  • Major Titles: She has accumulated numerous titles, including victories in major pro tournaments. Anna currently has 15 Gold Medals and is a 2 time MLP MVP.

  • Partnerships: Anna frequently competes alongside James Ignatowich in mixed doubles, and together they have achieved significant success.

Off the Court: Anna engages with the pickleball community through her Instagram and podcast, sharing her experiences and fostering growth in the sport.

Both James Ignatowich and Anna Bright have recently signed with Naomi Osaka’s management agency, reflecting their growing influence and prominence in the sport of pickleball.

Join us at the PJF Pickleball Championships to see James and Anna in action and experience the excitement they bring to the court!

©2024 - Pickleball Japan Federation | ピックルボール日本連盟

©2024 - Pickleball Japan Federation | ピックルボール日本連盟

©2024 - Pickleball Japan Federation | ピックルボール日本連盟